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  • 17-10-2018Events

    LECO Workshop: Pegasus BT and Pegasus BT 4D

    Dates: October 17th – 18th, 2018 Venue: LECO European Application and Technology Center The workshop topics are chosen to introduce LECO’s Pegasus BT and BT 4D. We selected three application fields – allergens in perfume, metabolomics, and terpenoid profiling – to present and demonstrate how easy it is to generate qualitative and quantitative GC-TOFMS and […]

  • 22-11-2018Events

    LECO and SGS Workshop: MOSH/MOAH – Mineral Oil Contamination of Foodstuff

    Dates:  November 22th – 23th, 2018 Venue:  LECO European Application and Technology Center Research has shown that many foodstuffs and food packagings are contaminated with hydrocarbons consisting of either mineral oils (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons, MOSH, and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons, MOAH) or polyolefinic products. Mineral oil contamination has been getting more and more attention […]